My purpose for building the Zoleco and my skill set have been outlined on prior pages.I just want you to know that I still do offer cylinder head porting and carburetor modifying services should you require such.I have great deal of automotive restoration experience as well.I also enjoy the creativity associated with designing and building custom wrought iron items,such as candle holders,driveway gates,wall shelves,bed frames,chairs,flowers,special occasion steel cards,ornamental railings,picture frames,wall hangings.The only thing that limits what can be made from metal rods and sheet is your imagination.

Custom designed one off gates built to order.


1968 California Special Mustang in restoration mode.

Many more examples of my related works will be here soon.


This SS/JA 64 Chevelle is an example of bodywork and paint  I did about 4 years ago. Thanks Darrell. The Aug 2015 National Dragster did a featured flyer article on the car.

A 16 ft driveway gate that I had made.