The Car

The car which I have decided to call the Zoleco is a combination of my name and the cars main theme which is to be friendly to the environment... eco.

The main focus of this project is to conserve energy by creating a means of personal transportation that minimizes  energy required for mobility. We do that by using ques from nature in designing it's shape... the teardrop. The teardrop shape with all its streamlining effects has been known to be very low drag and aerodynamic for over ninety years. One of the pioneers who researched and experimented with automotive aerodynamics and streamlining was an engineer by the name of Paul Jaray back in 1920. Incorporating this shape in to my design and not ignoring practicality was a challenge. The body was designed with full ergonomic considerations to allow for it to seat four people comfortably. To that effect we now have a car that seats four and needs minimal  energy for affective mobility. To supercharge those benefits further the car will use braking and thermal energy recovery technologies in its quest to efficiently conserve as much energy as possible. The result of  this careful design exercise is an exotic, sporty, practical, comfortable, safe, eco friendly, unique, fun to drive car that makes one heck of a personal statement as it cruises the streets in search of tomorrow!

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