With further body refinements completed it was time to apply some paint.

With the development body refined to its current stage, the next step in the design process will be the creation of the interior contours. These will emulate the flow lines of the exterior.

When the interior design work is done, then I shall move on to the under side of the car. It will have a full under body Venturi  which is a very efficient way of developing down force, because it only has 25% of the drag penalty compared to wings and spoilers that are used on conventional cars. It is at this point that all the body-related design work would be considered complete. From this complete development model, all the molds will be made so that multiple bodies can be pulled from the molds. Yes it is a very involved process just to get it to the stage where I have the actual body for the car. For it to be the lightest and strongest possible, the body will be made from a carbon fiber composite.

Zoleco Body Refined

Keep an eye out for updates and additions.