My name Is Zoltan Bod, born in 1956 and raised on the family farm here in British Columbia ,Canada. I have a very creative and curious mind.This has led me on many adventures of discovery .As a kid I would probe the inner workings of my toys; reassemble and return them to a fully functional state. I found great satisfaction in that. My first custom build was at the age of 14 when I thought it would be nice to have something  to joy ride around the farm with, so I designed and built a three wheeled go kart contraption. Oh ya, I found a creative outlet with wheels! A few years go by and I think..... hmm....I need something to cruise the streets with ...something different to turn some heads; something I can build with my own hands. I began to search for an unusual, old, abandoned vehicle that I could build into a hot rod.One day there it was sitting behind a barn, a 1950 A40 Austin pickup . Not the deuce coupe I was looking for, but something called out to me . I collected up the parts and three years later the rebirth was complete.When I showed the vehicle, it was classified as a "radical custom rod pickup"...success. I took my ideas and with my bare hands and a few tools built my first show winner .The go kart was fun, but now I seemed to have entered a realm of much deeper satisfaction...cruising the streets. I found people would stare at my creation and ask all sorts of questions.Seems this unique and unusual vehicle idea showed a lot of promise!

During the time I was building the Austin I was delivering pizzas at night and selling auto parts during the day. Wide spread appreciation for my Austin pickup led me into restoring cars for people. During that same era I purchased a professional flow bench and did years of air flow research to hone my cylinderhead porting skills.The performance benefits from improving the air flow quality through the ports was fantastic.One thing led to another and I now found myself exploring the mysteries of carburetors;getting rid of flat spots,improving response ,improving their modes of function for better fuel mileage and performance. This led me to join with a team wanting to set some land speed records on the Bonneville salt flats. So I modified a pair of 1050 Dominator carbs for the purpose,and off we went. Once everything was dialed in, all ducks in a row, the old 1977 Vegas was in the record books at over 250mph.

So there you have it, a brief summary of the acquired experiences that has led me to the Zoleco project! The time has come to utilize all my years of experience and focus it onto a vehicle that just might help to bring a paradigm shift into the automotive realm. So if the phrase "and now for something completely different" doesn't frighten you....well who knows, maybe you too will be inspired by the possibilities .

Watch for regular additions and updates.

My 1950 Austin A40 pickup.